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Shenzhen Pacific-net logistics Inc.

Rm. 2501-2502,Unit A,Lushan Building 3023 Chun Feng Road, Shenzhen, China.
Tel : 86 755 8232 5746
Fax : 86 755 8232 5750
Attn : Joe Liu
Email : Joel@pnl.com.cn



PNL has formed its unit culture when its growing up rapidly with development. Each year, we will hold a celebrating or thankful party, celebrating the performance we gained in this year, thanking for the support from domestic and oversea clients, as well as the shipping liners. We also called it Annual Dinner Party.

More important, this party brings PNL people together. All the PNL offices staff will gather together in Shenzhen head office, each office will have at least one entertainment program, such as singing, dancing which will be all acted by PNL people. Its not professional performance, but its really interesting!

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2015 MSC Presentation
China export commodities fair
China export commodities fair
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